Liz Marshall

Canadian visual artist, based in Penticton BC,


My work is often joyful with lively colours and movement. Women and children take center stage. They are often either holding hands or dancing. Red and its many varieties are special to me, and I am almost always compelled to use them in my art. 

I like to keep a sketchbook handy for snippets of time, waiting in restaurants, travelling on the bus, or even standing in line at a cafe. Drawing was always my first love, long before I painted in watercolour or acrylic. I am drawn to creating and sketching images. 

My inspiration comes from my memories. Maybe this is why my work is so layered and intertwined. I am always reviewing, and renewing my ideas and artworks. I am prompted to re-work, paint over and collage back into my work , until I am happy with the piece that emerges.

Liz Marshall is a visual artist based in the South Okanagan valley.

The Story of Liz.

Liz trained long ago as a primary teacher at the University of Mantoba…then she hit the books again along with paintbrushes and all kinds of other paraphernalia in the 90s to get her BFA from what is now UBC Okanagan. She likes to make art with others around and feeds from the camaraderie, music, and chatter that goes on in the studio… “Art Up will be such a place,” she says thinking of the serious art-making and shenanigans ahead…